EPS is a 100% recyclable material.

RicicloThis symbol, known in the whole world with the code 06, identifies its polymer family in order to make the division and the recycling easier.


Moreover PERBACCO® has been designed and created in order to be used again and again after performing as simple box, by becoming an efficient mean of communication related to image

Recycle +

We can walk the extra mile in order to respect the environment.

The first step of recycling is to reuse objects!

PERBACCO® has been studied and created to last for a long time.
For dinner, wine tasting or excursion take the bottles out of the fridge, put them into the box together with some ice cubers and you will have cold drinks for hours on end, even in summer!

In the wine cellar PERBACCO® might come in useful to store bottles.

Recycle ++

After fulfilling its function, EPS is shattered and put back into production cycle together with virgin materials in order to obtain new objects useful for energy efficiency in the construction industry.

Lightweight screeds – predalle floor slabs

Recycle +++

It can be “re-plasticized” and blended with virgin polymers in order to create new cheaper objects.

Environmental impact

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is an “eco – friendly” material: 100% recyclable.

EPS packing cases are sustainable and eco-friendly products that mix together high performance and environmentally friendly features such as good values of GER (Gross Energy Requirement), GWP (Global Warming Potential) and WPF (Water Foot Print) in relation to alternative materials derived from different sources