High impact strength and maximum protection during transport

Excellent thermal insulation! It protect your bottles against thermal shock events

Suitable for bottles of different size and measurements

You can also customize it whichever you like the most!

Impact test

Extremely impact resistant against both accidental impacts and impacts due to express couriers motion.


There is no better way to try it than shipping bottles throughout Italy.

Thermal test

EPS is an excellent thermal insulating material and inside PERBACCO® cases fresh bottles can maintain their temperature stable for hours on end.

In order to test PERBACCO® thermal properties, a bottle at 9,8° C (48,2° F) was put into the packing case and, every 30 minutes, for 6 hours, we took the temperature with a probe in direct contact with the bottle, without ever opening the cap.

With an external temperature of 21,5° C after six hour the bottle reaches 14,9° C with a rise in temperature of only 5,1° C.